What our clients say

"We have used LBS Scandinavia’s translation services for several years and our partnership continues to be excellent. We are particularly pleased with their flexibility and the swift turnaround time of their translations."
CEO of an occupational welfare company, Helsinki Metropolitan Area
"Customer service at LBS is always knowledgeable and smooth. Translations are provided in the agreed time frame. We are very happy with LBS’s services, including their diversity."
Executive assistant at an import company, South Ostrobothnia
"Over the last few years, LBS has translated numerous contracts, administrative guidelines, HR management documents, brochures and financial documents (including financial statements) for us. Their high-quality translations have always been on time and our business relationship has been excellent all in all!"
Legal advisor of an NGO, Helsinki
"We have used LBS’s translation services for several years, particularly for translating marketing materials. Their standards are high and their services are very quick and accommodating. They have familiarised themselves with our organisation and know the terminology specific to our sector."
Client relations manager at the international relations unit of a university of applied sciences
"We have worked with LBS since 2008 and have been able to make use of the company’s expertise in translations in the field of psychology. LBS’s translation work has always been very reliable and high in quality. We are particularly pleased with the company’s quick responses to contacts. They have flexibly supplied us with translations in all the languages we have needed, and it has never even occurred to us to approach a different translation agency!"
CEO of an expert consultancy in HR and health care management, Turku
"They have the right attitude and a genuine interest in what we do. LBS delivered the translations for our information system using our own tool."
Electronics company export manager, Pirkanmaa
"Our distributors have praised our clearly written instruction manuals and good translations."
Technology company export manager, Helsinki
"Our press release was published within a few hours in online publications around the country. As a consequence we were interviewed on the radio and received some TV coverage."
NGO president, Southwest Finland
"LBS Scandinavia has written our website and brochure texts, provided interpreters for our meetings and translated our contracts. Their services can be relied upon."
CEO of a medium-sized manufacturing company, South Ostrobothnia
"I was surprised by their swift and professional service, which is rare these days."
Vice-president of a medium-sized manufacturing company, Southwest Finland
"In the last decade I’ve worked for three companies in three different sectors, but since 2008 I’ve always ordered my translations from LBS Scandinavia. Their quality is excellent regardless of the subject."
Communications manager of a diversified corporation, Helsinki
"The translators at LBS don’t just translate slogans, they make them work! Often better than the original, in fact!"
Advertising agency project manager, Turku
"Excellent combination of price, quality and speed. And flexible service!"
Hospital communications director, Helsinki