Translation and localisation

We supply first-rate, expert translations at competitive prices. Our language selection covers all the European languages, as well as most Asian ones. We work with the private and public sectors, and our clientele includes anyone from small local businesses to large international corporations, operating in diverse sectors. Take a look at examples of our areas of expertise and the types of text we translate.

All of our translators are native speakers who have received training in translation and possess extensive experience in the field, with one or more specialisations. Our most trusted translators have translated tens of thousands of pages of a wide variety of documents during their careers. Many of our translators also hold degrees in other fields, such as technology, finance or science.

We use the newest technological resources that are available for translation and language services. The use of advanced technology helps us ensure an excellent end result and uncompromising quality, and brings cost savings for the customer as well. However, even the newest software cannot compensate for human expertise. That is why the final quality of your text is always guaranteed by a professional with solid experience.

Localisation is an area of translation in which a computer program, an application or a publication (to mention but a few examples), are adapted to the environment, culture and local practices of the target language. Items that are commonly localised include units of measurement and currency, local regulations and local content. We have plenty of expertise in carrying out localisation projects. We’ll be happy to discuss the components of a successful project in further detail.